Firstly you’re going to have to grab a tape measure and wrap it around your head from the middle of your forehead then around and over the biggest part of the back of your head.
Looking at the tape measure, we all know that heads come in many different shapes and sizes but you want it to be on a slight angle that is downwards towards the back of your head! Then remember the measurement in CM and check out our size chart below.

If you’re coming into the store, then you can always just try on different sizes to find out your best fit or ask one of our friendly staff to measure your head. If there isn’t a tape measure nearby, you can use a bit of paper or string and wrap it around your head, then use a marker and mark where it overlaps. Then put it down next to a ruler and find your measurement.

With both of these techniques, it is best to do it a couple of times and note it down to get the most exact measurement, especially if you’re ordering online. Remember to keep in mind that every hat is made differently, so you can come across hats that vary in size. We have also attached our size chart link to all of our products so it’s not a hassle for you to find! To find it manually, head on over to the “Information” header on our home page and check out our sizing chart or you can find the link to our size chart here!